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Totem Images


Totem Images

"Totem Images", my brand, represents my creative process. The objects and symbols that I capture from my environment and surroundings are my inspiration. I seek to emphasize the textures, colors and lines hidden in nature's palette and beyond.

I am a fine art fiber artist. I use a mixed medium approach that is always evolving through my experimentation. The materials and techniques I use incorporate what I learn into my own personal, expressive art.

Art quilts have evolved into the medium of my artistic expression. A medium is chosen from an array of materials and techniques. The quilting process is an intense experience involving the choosing of fabric and deciding which stitches will best express the desired image. Embellishment takes a variety of forms. It adds that little extra pizzazz that catches the eye and ignites the imagination.

What makes my art uniquely mine?

"Stitch" - The stitching is the most important element in my fiber art pieces. It is the unifying connection for all of my works. The vitality that is brought to a fiber art piece through the stitching compliments my passion for the finished work. It is the element that allows me to bring my excitement, joy, and artistic energy to my art.

 Vickie Mathas